Having been in the motor industry for many years, one thing we have learned is that it is not a particularly pleasant environment for the customer. A recent consumer survey showed that the motor industry was one from bottom of a long list when it came to trustworthiness. Our main focus now is to provide an outstanding service to our customers right from the initial enquiry through to delivery of the vehicle and beyond, outstanding Customer service is vital.


We have fantastic prices and finance packages, that's a fact...….. but we need to give more than that. Everything we do is geared around making the customer as comfortable, informed and happy with the transaction as possible. We go out of our way to ensure that not only the vehicle is perfect for you but that the finance package you take out is the most suitable for your needs. Too many motor companies push the customer into the finance package that suits their business and not the customer. We don’t.


Then we come to our staff. Here our goal is simply to make them happy. We want everybody who works for us to enjoy arriving at work as much as leaving. If our employees dread coming in then we are doing something very wrong. We believe that happy, well trained and informed staff will provide the exceptional level of customer service that you deserve.


We hope that by focusing on these two key areas we can make buying a new van or 4x4 an enjoyable, stress free experience for everybody involved. The fact that the Customer also gets an incredible bargain........ well, that's the cherry on top.

This video contains our logo with some special effects. We feel this video really represents our company and what we stand for. We are a strong, solid and trustworthy company. We are dynamic and have the most exciting deals and offers for our customers. We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We are excited for the future and aim to make sparks fly within the van sales industry by offering the best van deals in the UK.

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